Clinical Medical Assessment

Many people ask us….. How do I know what level of care my loved one needs? They also ask how do I begin seeking help?

These are common questions. There are so many levels of care… Home care which includes companion, aide or nursing care, Independent Senior Living communities, Assisted Living facilities, Enriched Housing, Memory care, and Skilled Nursing facilities for extended long term care, as well as short term care for restorative rehabilitation.

At Crossroads Elder Services you will receive a comprehensive, confidential professional nursing assessment. We will be able to determine what your medical needs are and recommend the most appropriate level (or levels) of care. Crossroads Elder Services will come to your home to complete this nursing assessment and share with you the most appropriate options for your specific needs.

Crossroads Elder Services can rule in or rule out the necessity of completing the New York State Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and Screen. This assessment is only required for admission into a skilled nursing facility / Nursing home, and/or a Medicaid approved assisted living community.

Once we have determined medical needs, we can help you with the next step…Financial ability. Knowing both the medical needs and financial ability, we can then proceed with Placement Services.

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