Crossroads Elder Services helps families face their biggest fears or obstacles.

Often times families ask themselves if their loved ones medical needs are greater than their ability to care for them. Families have told us, “On the good days I could do it forever, but on the bad days I can’t do it another ten minutes. We are exhausted. What do we do?."

Our clients often ask us:

  • How can I get help at home?
  • How do I know if they need a nursing home?
  • Is this the right time to make a move?
  • How will I tell her/him she needs more care than I can provide?
  • How do I navigate through the medical system?
  • How do I move her/him? They said to never place them in a nursing home! What should I do!

Crossroads Elder Services can help families:

  1. Medically assess what level of care is appropriate.
  2. Determine what facility will meet memory loss needs.
  3. Determine cost and long term insurance coverage
  4. Determine when money will run out and what to do when that happens.
  5. Help plan for medical needs and financial ability.

We use the standard New York State assessment form to determine what level of care is needed by completing a Patient Review Instrument. We will then develop a plan that meets the whole families needs.

Families have mentioned numerous times that one hour with us has saved countless hours of researching.

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