Placement Services

The most common question we are asked after a clinical nursing assessment has been completed is…. “How do I know which options are best for my loved one?”

Crossroads Elder Services is your #1 resource in accessing information to determine the best options for you and your family. We consider all of your priorities, including location, cost, staffing, availability and social concerns.

Crossroads Elder Services not only schedules the tours but comes with you. We’re comfortable asking questions, especially those that many families would not have thought of. We’re also by your side, completing applications for admission and coordinating the day of admission. We can also guide you through the first few days of care. Call Crossroads Elder Services today!

If you’re interest is in looking at alternative levels of care, such as Independent Senior living, Assisted Living, Enriched Housing, Crossroads Elder Services continues to be your first choice in research, evaluation, nursing assessment, and care.

Contact Crossroads Elder Services today.

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